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Larry Malloy | Innovative Product and Marketing Leader

Larry Malloy | Resume | Innovative product and marketing Leader

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Leading marketing and product innovation efforts to drive revenue, grow market-share and dominate industries

Over 15 years experience leading high-performance product and marketing teams. Outstanding leadership and people management skills with proven ability to influence and collaborate in a matrix environment. Attract, develop, and retain top talent. Set vision and build strong team environment of innovation and collaboration. Monitor, report, and analyze financial performance against plan. Complete product lifecycle management from concept through end of life. Global B2B, B2C, and B2B2C SaaS software product and marketing experience. Leverage performance dashboards to drive operational excellence. Direct decisions through research and data analysis. Drive quality and product excellence. Passionate about exceptional user design that simplifies work and reduces human error. Expertise in existing and emerging technologies such as AI, BI, and predictive analytics.


Professional Experience

Director of Product Management, Modivcare  5/21 to 12/22

Leading healthcare software technology provider. Lead and grow team of 7 business analysts and product owners including hiring, training, and coaching. Leverage Agile SCRUM methodology to reduce time to market and improve market adoption. Define, prioritize and drive product vision. Communicate product roadmaps including product extensions, upgrades, and new products with executive team. Analyze market needs and competitive environment. Use metrics to drive performance.

Problem: Need to grow product team
Action: Reached out to my network, leveraged social media sites like LinkedIn, and reached out to product management associations
Result: Hired team of five initially, which eventually grew to 7 business analysts and product owners within 4 months

Problem: Call center application that was complex and not user or customer friendly
Action: Worked closely with product owner, determined requirements, conducted build vs buy analysis, interviewed vendors, made recommendation
Result: Call center application that is user and customer friendly and will meet future call center needs

Problem: Unstable critical application
Worked closely with product owner and engineering team to determine causes
 Improved application performance 84%

Problem: Complex, outdated and antiquated platform 
Worked closely with product owner, architecture and engineering team, designed new service-based architecture, began converting to new platform
 Working on new service-based architecture to improve performance, stability, and scalability

Problem: Handling changes to benefits for tier 1 payers and clients are complex and time consuming
Action: Worked closely with product owner and engineering team to design and implement scalable application that can handle benefit changes
Result: Application that dramatically improves changes to member benefits that occur

  • Built new product team of product owners and business analysts from scratch in 4 months
  • Documented and began implementation of new service-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) replacing an antiquated and poorly performing platform
  • Defined requirements and conducted build vs buy analysis for modern call center solution improving efficiencies while leading to enhanced employee and customer satisfaction
  • Mapped out new API solution that will help improve overall application performance
  • Identified gaps in current portfolio for future healthcare products and services
  • Conducted competitive analysis to drive feature development and market differentiators
  • Surveyed market to quickly identify needs while driving engagement
  • Leverage web services to decrease time to market by 24% while improving quality and scalability
  • Analyze existing data for new revenue streams and product and market insight



Senior Strategic Product Manager, Boeing  7/18 to 5/21

Leading aviation software provider. Led two software product innovation teams creating cloud-based applications. Recruited, hired, onboarded, trained, coached, and developed talent. Determined market viability through business, financial, & technical assessments. Leveraged scaled agile principals to move innovative cloud-based software ideas from concept to launch and beyond. Analyzed market needs and competitive environment. Used data-driven processes and user interaction to produce market-driven products and services.

Problem: New product ideas were not market-driven, leading to projects being stopped and/or low market adoption
Action: Reached out to the market to determine market needs, leverage business case analysis to determine priorities
Result: Process began delivering higher quality solutions that the market needed

Problem: Airline turn-around process is complex and prone for human error
Action: Developed a comprehensive solution connecting all parties to status and alerting when issues arise
Result: Launched Turn-around Solution

Problem: Software development process was outdated and inefficient
Action: Analyzed various software development methodologies for the company, determined Scaled Agile would work best, Trained teams on Scaled Agile methodology
Result: Improved software development timelines and processes through SAFe

  • Vetted and prioritized ideas with greatest potential from concept through launch
  • Successfully launched aircraft turn-around solution with a projected first year revenue $20m
  • Effectively released an internal solution that saved Boeing over $2m in the first year
  • Improved Boeing’s go-to-market strategy while increasing 90-day revenue by 82%
  • Shortened time to market by 18% through Scaled Agile methodologies
  • Established, monitored, tracked, improved, and reported team metrics to portfolio executives
  • Identified & recommended acquisitions based on market, financial potential, & strategic fit




Owner, Maximum Performance Consulting  1/09 to 11/18

Technology consulting firm. Trained organizations to develop and launch more innovative products and services faster through rigorous discipline and execution of Pragmatic Marketing framework in an agile environment. Integrated UX methodologies, and instilled voice of the customer throughout the development process. Leveraged tools that helped produce more engaging products and services. Installed product management best practices. Defined and drove product vision. Oversaw development of business case to prioritize products and produce maximum ROI. Analyzed performance metrics to drive product improvements. Defined product positioning and messaging.

Industries included: B2B, B2C, and B2B2C SaaS & PaaS, healthcare, medical device, digital products, consumer and business electronics, location-based services, mobile applications, financial services, agriculture, mining, government, telecom, natural resources, etc.

Problem: Multiple software and electronic products that do not integrate with one another and have different user experiences and logins
Action: Analyzed current and future needs of the industry, defined the product vision, and created a roadmap
Result: Developed and launched a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for integration with current products and prioritized roadmap of future products

Problem: Market is changing and current software is not meeting market needs
Action: Study the industry and technology trends
Result: Product roadmap that integrates latest technology

Problem: Years of software development with little to no understand of the value and impact
Action: watched and surveyed customers, created business cases for features, added logging and tracking within the SaaS platform
Result: Organization improved feature development and began analyzing customer usage leading to higher customer satisfaction and greater ROI

Problem: Organizations are making uninformed decisions because it takes too long to get and communicate business intelligence to the department that needs it.
Action: Identify and research “high risk” industries. Create business cases for each. Prioritize industries. Create list of common functions and features across industries.
Result: Prioritized product backlog for MVP to produce greatest ROI

Problem: Industry dramatically changed and declined while a new product was being developed
Action: Research and identify causes of the new trend. Determine severity and recovery rate of the industry. Report & present findings to executive team.
Result: Project was halted and resources were moved to other projects that had a greater ROI

Problem: To leverage existing technology in new platform or develop proprietary technology
Action: Conducted cost-benefit analysis of current technology vs current organizational skill-sets gaps
Result: Identification and contract with best technology and vendor for our application

Problem: Existing SaaS application with low sales and low contract renewals
Action: Conducted cost-benefit analysis of current technology vs current organizational skill-sets gaps
Result: Identification and contract with best technology and vendor for our application

    • Leveraged buyer personas to improve product launch performance, growing revenue 8%.
    • Drove globalization and localization efforts to strategically target key international markets
    • Leveraged rapid prototyping to elicit quick customer feedback & shorten development time
    • Utilized agile software development process to react quickly to changing market demands
    • Launched ecommerce feature on SaaS platform including cross selling & upselling features
    • Launched 5 new products on a SaaS platform that averaged 112% of plan
    • Drove globalization and localization efforts to strategically target key international markets
    • Utilized agile software development process to react quickly to changing market demands
    • Negotiated critical vendor contract that saved company over $225k
    • Grew reseller program 7%, channel sales 5%, and professional services 9%
    • Worked closely with sales to close over $5m in revenue, up 50% to date
    • Turned around poorly performing data authoring product through process improvement efforts
    • Helped company transition from waterfall to agile growing revenue 12%
    • Facilitated transition from enterprise to cloud based solution growing revenue 6%
    • Launched new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with six innovative products leading to 5% growth




    Director of Marketing & Product Development, Star Power Systems  4/06 to 1/09

    Online real estate training organization. Led cross functional team of 12 including product managers, marketers, IT, and developers. Crafted annual and quarterly revenue plans for achieving market growth and sales targets. Managed global marketing and product innovation strategy. Defined, prioritized and drove product vision. Identified and optimized new business opportunities. Supported, trained & empowered direct sales team through collateral, demos, and sales calls. Executed go to market strategy including content & digital marketing, pricing, promotion, web, advertising, social media, webinars, conference, and trade shows. Identified ways to enhance margins through pricing, cost containment and effective use of resources.

    Problem: Poor past product performance
    Action: Surveyed the market, identified missing gaps in portfolio, and installed a gated product management process
    Result: Next 6 new products averaged over 140% of plan each

    Problem: Rapidly declining US economy and real estate market
    Action: Surveyed market, focused product development, cut costs, converted to digital products, and webinars over seminars
    Result: Expenses declined while revenue remained strong, during rapidly declining US economy

    Problem: Excessive inventory and outdated product sitting in inventory
    Action: Created and marketed promotional packages
    Result: Sold through 72% of stagnant inventory, generating over $1.6m in revenue

      • Worked with product and marketing teams to launch 6 new products averaging over 140% of plan
      • Installed formal product development process that reduced time to market by 43%
      • Launched e-commerce membership site that produced $85k/month in revenue
      • Developed cross-selling and upselling web tools that added over $400k in revenue in first year
      • Generated $650K in revenue while reducing costs by converting seminars to webinars
      • Created additional $1.6m in revenue by packaging & marketing static inventory
      • Improved margins 18% through pricing, cost containment & effective resource utilization
      • Developed and executed go-to-market strategies for 6 products averaging 140%+ of plan
      • Launched e-commerce membership website that produced $85K+/month in revenue
      • Developed cross-selling and upselling web tools that added over $400k in revenue
      • Generated $650K in revenue while reducing costs by converting seminars to webinars
      • Installed formal product development process that reduced time to market by 43%




    Senior Product & Marketing Manager | Marketing Manager | Western Regional Sales Administrator | Technical Support, Pentax Imaging   6/92 to 4/06

    Global consumer electronics manufacturer. Led cross functional team of 3. Developed annual and quarterly revenue plans for achieving market growth and sales targets. Managed promotional budget of $2 million and co-managed advertising budget of $10 million. Successfully executed go-to-market plans on over 60 new products. Defined, prioritized and drove product vision. Performed market & competitive analysis. Identified market needs, crafted and articulated product vision, defined and drove product strategy, documented product requirements, and created and implemented go-to-market and product launch plans. Developed clear and concise product positioning and messaging based on research, testing, and in-depth understanding of consumer electronics industry. Translated business drivers into actionable product strategy. Supported, trained & empowered direct and dealer sales teams through training, collateral, tools, merchandising, and sales calls. Presented and represented Pentax at numerous conferences & trade shows.

    Problem: Lower sales revenue
    Action: Worked closely with product development in Japan to develop more differentiated products for the US market
    Result: Sales revenue dramatically grew

    Problem: Strong market need for professional digital camera
    Action: Worked closely with Japan to develop Pentax 645N
    Result: Market share grew by 42%

    Problem: Marketing efforts producing moderate results
    Action: Conduct A/B split testing to continually improve ROI
    Result: Campaign conversions increased from 4% to nearly 10%

    • Led transition from engineering-driven to market-driven product development growing revenue and profitability
    • Increased 3 year market share 11% (point and shoot), 3% (SLR), 7% (digital), and 8% (medium format) by tightening market focus and developing niche products
    • Technical & subject matter expert for Pentax at conferences and trade shows
    • Ushered in the digital era for Pentax with an innovatively designed camera




    Office Manager, Agency Rent-A-Car
    More than quadrupled revenue while being one of the most profitable offices in the region. Received Regional Office of the Year award for revenue growth and profitability.




Veterinary Technician, U.S. Army, Ft. Meade MD, Giessen Germany
Received Good Conduct Medal and numerous Soldier of the Month awards for leadership & military excellence





Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Colorado State University – Ft Collins, CO




Professional Affiliations

Rocky Mountain Product Development & Management Association: VP Marketing, 2012-2013, President, 2000-2001
Association dedicated to educating and training the Front Range product manager, product owners, business analysts, and product marketing community on best practices. Responsible for growing membership and monthly training attendance.

Problem: Low monthly program attendance
Action: Reached out to other groups to cross promote programs, surveyed market and developed new program itinerary, recorded programs
Result: Program attendance doubled within a several months

Problem: Low membership with little funds to grow
Action: Reached out to local businesses, promoted benefits of organization, and obtained corporate memberships and sponsorships
Result: Added 17 new paying members within first 90 days

Problem: Low market engagement
Action: Surveyed market, identified community needs, changed organization to meet their needs
Result: Membership and participation dramatically grew 42%

Problem: Low program turnout
Action: Surveyed market, identified key areas of interest, and developed a strong program itinerary
Result: Program attendance grew over 120%

Problem: Needed additional fund to grow organization
Action: Reached out to local businesses to grow budget
Result: Sponsorship grew, allowing us to grow the organization

  • Grew local membership by 42% through numerous community outreach programs
  • Grew attendance 120% through innovative program agendas and dynamic speakers
  • Partnered with other local associations to cross-promote and drive membership
  • Marketed corporate sponsorship program which added thousands to operating expenses
  • Reached product management and marketing community to identify dynamic speakers
  • Conducted surveys to identify cutting edge topics and program curriculum
  • Set and executed organizational vision and strategy for the year
  • Identified next president and led transition to new leadership




Leadership Recognition, Modivcare
Best Team Customer Results, Boeing
Product of the Year, Scripts and Dialogs for Success – Star Power Systems | National Association of REALTORS
Peak Performer Award, Pentax Imaging for leadership and team performance excellence
Numerous Product Awards – Pentax Imaging
Regional Office of the Year, Agency Rent-A-Car for improved revenue growth and profitability
U.S. Army, Good Conduct Award & numerous Soldier of the Month awards for leadership excellence



Training & Certifications

Effective Product Marketing – Pragmatic Marketing
Foundations – Pragmatic Marketing
Inbound Certification – Hubspot
Scrum Master – Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Product Owner/Product Manager – Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
DevOps – Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)