Larry Malloy

Executive Summary: 10+ years’ professional experience managing and leading high-performance teams. Outstanding leadership and people management skills with proven ability to influence and collaborate in a matrix environment. Set vision and build strong team environment of innovation and collaboration. Drive leads through the sales process with inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, content development, sales and channel enablement, and effective go-to-market strategies. Establish product and service positioning through deep knowledge of industry and competitive environment. Craft annual revenue projections based on strategic plans. Monitor, report, and analyze financial performance against plan. Deliver financial results by developing and cultivating essential cross-departmental working relationships. Global B2B enterprise and SaaS marketing & product experience. Leverage performance dashboards to drive operational excellence. Direct decisions through research, data analysis, business case, SWOT analysis, and competitive differentiators. Drive product quality and product service excellence. Lead strategic partnerships and innovation by identifying key technologies, spearhead testing, negotiate price and contracts, drive implementation, manage vendor relationships, and confirm strong return on investment (ROI). Passionate about exceptional user design that simplifies work and reduces human error. Guide business intelligence efforts to design, develop and deliver value-added solutions. Expertise in existing & emerging technologies, security intelligence, pragmatic marketing, go-to-market strategy, B2B enterprise & SaaS software marketing, lean methodologies, mobile applications, web technologies, UX design, competitive analysis, business intelligence, & data analytics solutions.

leadershipLeadership: Larry Malloy is a natural leader in both his personal and professional life. Whether it’s helping out in his community, leading at church, putting his family first, or leading during his physical and social activities, Mr. Malloy is quick to lend a hand and take on additional responsibilities. This leadership persona carries into his professional life as well. Whether he is leading a team within his organization, working across other teams to accomplish corporate objectives, taking on additional responsibilities others do not want, or professionally mentoring those who reach out to him, Larry is a leader and team player. Here are some of the leadership accomplishments he has undertaken in his career.

  • Maximum Performance Consulting: (2009-2018) Director Marketing & Product Management, Led client transition from waterfall to Agile software development. Led client transition from enterprise to cloud-based SaaS software platform
  • Star Power Systems: (2006-2009) Led during turbulent times (real estate crash of 2007-2009) while maintaining team morale
  • Rocky Mountain Product Development & Management Association (RMPDMA): VP Marketing (2000-2001), President (2000-2001) Recruited Board of Directors and grew membership by 13%. Grew program attendance by 28% through innovative program agendas and dynamic speakers
  • Pentax Imaging: Director of Marketing & Product (1992-2006). Lead transition from engineering-driven to market-driven product development. Was promoted numerous times and each time found and mentored a replacement before he moved up so they were ready to take over his position. Mr. Malloy was awarded the Peak Performer Award for innovation and leadership excellence
  • Agency Rent-A-Car: Office Manager. More than quadrupled revenue while being one of the most profitable offices in the region. Received regional office of the Year award for revenue growth and profitability
  • US Army: Veterinary Technician. Received Good Conduct Medal and over 7 Soldier of the Month awards for leadership and military excellence

managementManagement: Managing teams as large as 12 people, Larry has experience putting together high-performance teams including hiring, training, developing, and mentoring. He is familiar with the current HR policies, sets individual and team goals, and conducts performance reviews that are fair and empowering. He creates a winning team environment that others want to be a part of. Some of his management accomplishments include:

  • Maximum Performance Consulting: Managed and mentored two consultants while steadily growing revenue and client base
  • Star Power Systems: Managed team of 12 through tough economic times while growing revenue, improving profitability, and maintaining morale
  • Pentax Imaging: Led a team of two marketer who helped grow organization to over $450m in revenue
  • Agency Rent-A-Car: Led a team of three who tripled revenue within the first year and quadrupled revenue by year 2

product managementProduct Management: Mr. Malloy has been developing and launching innovative products and services for over 15 years in numerous industries including B2B and B2C software, consumer electronics, consumer package goods, educational services, online training, manufacturing, healthcare, government, geospatial, transportation, oil & gas, natural resources, telecommunications, mining, and others. He is an ardent student of product management processes that improve efficiencies including stage-gate, lean product management and pragmatic marketing, and agile software development. His products and services have received numerous awards including:

  • Merchant Program: Nominated for 2011 “Technology of the Year” award. (ReYrd)
  • 645N: 3 International Awards including “Best Professional Product” (Pentax Imaging Company)
  • IQZoom 115m: “Best Compact Camera of the Year” (Pentax Imaging Company)
  • ZX-5N: “SLR Camera of the Year” (Pentax Imaging Company)

marketingMarketing: Mr. Malloy has over 15 years experience setting marketing vision and strategy, and creating and executing marketing and communication plans. After studying the competition, buying process and developing personas, he leverages that market intelligence to craft messaging and sales training that resonates with the market and drives results. His extensive marketing experience includes market and competitive research, marketing automation, marketing metrics, PR, branding, digital marketing, inbound and outbound marketing, SEO/SEM, online marketing, social media, go-to-market planning and product launches, merchandising, win-loss analysis, and e-commerce. His marketing accomplishments include the following:

  • Successfully launched over 100 products and services through multiple channels based on the most effective way to reach the market
  • Successfully crafted and executed hundreds of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns
  • Conducted A/B split testing to continuously improve marketing performance
  • Leverage Pragmatic Marketing framework to better understand buyer personas and buying process and

Technology: Mr. Malloy is constantly reading technology articles, attending webinars and conferences, and taking online courses to understand the latest technology. He looks at how technology can be leveraged to produce a more differentiated product or services. He is willing to take calculated risks when technology is new and promising but always develops products with a future vision where better technology can be just “plugged” into the product with minimal development effort. Some of the latest technology trends he studies includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Cloud services
  • Health wearables
  • Connectivity
  • Cyber security trends
  • Big data
  • Robots and drones
  • GIS
  • UX design


Colorado State University: BS Psychology
Walter Reed Medical Center: US Army: Veterinary Technician School


Pragmatic Marketing – Effective Product Marketing
Hubspot – Inbound Certification


Mr. Malloy is a firm believer in Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI), especially when it comes to personal and professional development. He is an avid reader and has been mentored by and mentor to many top professionals. He is also an avid speaker, presenting to audiences in the thousands.

Agile Software Development
Big Data & Hadoop
Computer Networking
Cyber Security
Data Analysis & Visualization
Databases & SQL Querying
NPDP New Product Development Professional
Six Sigma
UX Design
Windows Deployment Services
Windows Server 2012 System Administration


Larry loves to travel with his wife Carol, spend time with his family, and loves everything outdoors including biking, hiking, camping, golf, and fishing. He is an avid nature photographer who has traveled the country photographing wildlife. Mr. Malloy is also a competitive pool & billiards player who loves competition.